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Voltage Drop Calculator PDF Print E-mail

Voltage Drop Calculator

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Voltage Drop Calculator

Know in advance whether a long feeder circuit will have too much voltage drop.

Determines the voltage drop of a circuit whether using copper or aluminum. Also properly accounts for parallel feeds.

Wire Current Calculator PDF Print E-mail


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Wire Current Calculator

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wire current screenshot

Never undersize wire again. Have current ampacity information at your fingertips.

Determines maximum current capacity (ampacity) of copper and aluminum wires from #14 to 4/0.


Thread Tap Calculator PDF Print E-mail


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Thread-Tap Calculator

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conduit-wire screenshot

All the thread and tap information you need in one place. Provides thread and drill sizes for the following threads

  • National course (NC) threads
  • National fine (NF) threads
  • National pipe threads (NPT)


  • Metric course
  • Metric fine


Conduit-Wire Chart PDF Print E-mail


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Conduit-Wire Calculator

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conduit-wire screenshot

No more need for electricians and engineers to memorize conduit fill charts. Bill's Notepad has created this handy calculator app to put this information in the palm of your hand.

Conduit type and insulation style are both taken into account when determining the maximum number of conductors allowed. The Conduit-Wire calculator supports all the most common types of conduit and insulation in use today.


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Resistor-Color Code Calculator

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resistor color-code screenshot

A handy reference that calculates the resistance of a given resistor color-code. Just select the colors on the actual resistor and the app displays the component value. Also includes the widely-used color-code chart for reference.

Useful for the engineer, electrician, student, or even the do-it-yourselfer when working with electronics.

This industry accepted color-code is used to identify the resistance value of resistors used in all kinds of electronics.

resistor color-code screenshot